to ain nia: i guess u already got my 'present' rite?? now here's the was suppose to be easy since friday(tomorrow) u'll be working while i'm on holiday...but my plan tetibe jadi kelam kabut sbb u already apply for a leave (i know this is my fault since i'm gatal2 persuade u to take a leave in the first place!!! duh...)...haha...nevermind, i'll juz save the plan for so many years to come...hikhik

but looking at a different perspective...i bet u'll get so many birthday wishes 2moro from ur frens and family, and they'll probably compete each other to be the first....but i'm SURE there's nobody EVER wishes u a HAPPY LAST-24-YEARS-OLD DAY rite??? (cuz if i'm wishing u 'hepy besday' today it'll be cheating and not fair to the others =p ) this is my lil' surprise...though its not much, i hope u like it!

again...Happy Birthday in Advance, and i luv u till the end!!! mmuuaaahh!!! ;p

here's a lil' sweet poem for u...though its not me that creatively created it....but trust me, its realy2 the simplest spontaneous deep yet funny way to tell u what's in my heart...

Diamonds I can’t afford to buy
For your birthday which is coming by
As you know I’m just an ordinary guy
With money being in short supply
But I have affections that pile high
And love that reaches all the way to the sky
With you my love and affections will lie
No matter how the years fly

There are things I'd like to say
to you my love on your special day:
I am forever thankful God sent you my way.

Yes, we've endured our share of pain,
but together we have so much to gain.

Bigger mountains may lie ahead,
but together there is no hill we can not tread.

So always remember my love for you,
and there is nothing together we can not do.
I'll be here forever - my love is true.
The person beside me, that would be you.

I Love You...

to all of u guyz (is anyone really reading my blog???? haha) :

here's what i do for my notty kitty cutie gurl u guyz can get an idea for ur loved ones...hihi

buy a few slices of secret recipe's cake, together with a cup of tea/coffee n tell them (the staff) to deliver it to her office (luckily they were in the same building..hehe). attached is a card, with "plz accept this coffee break as a present and u've won an exciting trip with a guy tomorrow that would love to meet u. u can contact him at 01X-XXXXXXX (<<--- my number)" written in it...

thats it!!! yeah i know....its so i said, its not much...but if u realy put ur heart into it, i'm sure it'll means sumthing to them...gud luck! =)
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good things come to those who wait...